Summer begins...

The anticipation of summer is so palpable when you have children. They can't wait to leave school...and as parents you also welcome that break (for about 4 weeks). Then it's a clear: Wish school was back.

What happens in this period of supposed rest called vacation, is quite extraordinary. I feel it is a time to reconnect and to be in awe of how far our children have come. In my case, our two kids have a 10 year age difference, so it is even more amazing seeing a pre-teen and a young adult. At times I don't know which is which...but it makes for interesting times.

We are in Europe for two weeks now. Traveling through Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria (showing them their Austrian heritage.) We have done much walking, much eating, much talking. We are learning to be with each other and to respect  each other's points of times quite difficult. 

I hope we will come away from this trip more aware of our world, more aware of our family history and with a greater understanding of who we are.

Posted on June 2, 2014 .