The little things around us

One of the most poignant aspects of this BuDhaGirl journey is the understanding of the connectedness between things. Between ourselves and others and our physical world. Understanding that our actions impact everything we are and everything around us no matter how small…does this remind you a bit of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who?

Our dear friend and talented sculptor, George Sellers, was featured in Architectural Digest last November, to celebrate we had a party and asked him to bring his incredible insect sculptures to the party. The sculptures lived in my home for a few weeks and when George came to pick some of them up…magic happened. Why not make divine miniatures of these little creatures??? Well, why not George replied, and off to work he went.

BuDhaGirl is so happy and honored to now introduce Animalia, our first collection featuring the small wonders of the insect world. They are cast in resin and gilt in 22kt gold, some with copper wings and some with Swarovski crystals. Fashion has always had a place for insects, beginning with ancient Egypt introducing the regal scarab to Louis XIV bees.

We invite you to learn about the amazing qualities of our Animalia friends and how their qualities guide you to turn your routines into rituals…




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