A Field Guide to Mindfulness Apps

It can be difficult to balance mindfulness and modernity. These days, we equate stress with success, multi-tasking with productivity, and rarely take time to pause and just be. While BuDhaGirl jewelry plays an essential part in prioritizing mindfulness and presence in your day, surprisingly enough, your iPhone can lead you to a calmer, more grounded existence as well. Who knows, you might be just a few clicks and a download away from better focus, less stress and a good night’s sleep. Don't know where to start? These are our 5 favorite mindfulness apps.


Headspace has been credited with causing a cultural shift in how we think and talk about meditation. Think of Headspace as a personal trainer to train your mind. With Headspace, you can browse collections of meditations to suit your lifestyle and current mood. Their easy infographics makes it easy to understand the science behind meditation, and the simple, clear interface is well suited to those who have little amounts of time and reservations about the practice. If you want to give this highly rated app a try, sign up for free today – you get 10 sessions, each 10 minutes long. Love the changes you’re seeing in yourself after just 10 sessions? Subscribe and receive additional mindfulness content that’s curated to fit your needs.


Children and young adults can practice meditation using Smiling Mind. These modern meditations geared towards young people and seek to provide accessible lifelong tools based in mindfulness meditation. Meditations can be accessed online or through your smart phone, and have been developed by youth and adolescent therapy professionals to generate calmness, clarity and contentment in kids as young as 7-years-old.


For those times when you’re in the car, on the subway, even biking or walking, turn to iMindfulness. This on-the-go app was designed to be used specifically when you are traveling or commuting. Many of us feel that when we are doing “nothing,” such as walking a few blocks, we need to fill our time with something useful. iMindfulness hinges on this thought exactly, filling your busy mind with a grounding, guided meditation. The practice of meditation and the use of iMindfulness develops focus, lowers stress levels and encourages you to keep perspective as you go through your daily experience.


Buddhify is a structured, user-friendly mindfulness app for modern life. With a repertoire of 80 guided meditation, you’re able to to choose a meditation to complement your current mood or activity. Buddhify offers a meditation for all parts of your day. Can’t sleep? Eating lunch? Walking to an appointment? With Buddhify, you can find a meditation just for that. Along with your custom meditations, enjoy integrated statistics and graphics to track your progress as you practice.

Which mindfulness app do you rely on to stay grounded and present?