BDG Team on Health Wealth

Earlier this month I wrote about my wealth ritual. I ask for health wealth, wisdom wealth and financial wealth. Health wealth comes first because without health we have nothing. Here is the BDG team talking about their health wealth and some ideas of how they obtain it:

Jessica Jesse

Simple. A peaceful mind and a peaceful heart go a long way for my health wealth. Getting there, however, is not so simple. It is my daily struggle to realize that every second changes things, that I must accept reality for what it is, and that I must be proactive in keeping my physical health. I set daily intentions pertaining to my health. Many people depend on me, so I must be strong, clear thinking, and caring.

Chuck Roundtree

I have learned to approach my workout routine as a spiritual practice. It gives me a new perspective, and turns a “must do” task into a positive, enjoyable action. Knowing that I am contributing and honoring my body’s physical well-being helps me stay on track and purpose. In addition, eating well as best that I can (sweets and carb junkie here) is also key.  Like they say… you are what you eat!

Caryn Grimaud

Through many experiences, I've learned that life is short and you can not take each day for granted. To me, my health is mainly focused on the joy and happiness that I create. One of my favorite things to do is be in the kitchen and create healthy meals for myself and my family.  I am a firm believer in "everything in moderation." Creating a large, home style dinner and having family sitting around a table, breaking bread, enjoying conversation, and creating memories is what I feel contributes to a healthy, happy state of mind.

Twyla Shelmire

 I think the best way to accumulate health wealth is to simply be attuned to your body's needs physically, mentally and emotionally. While you might be eating well, exercising, and so on, there will always be disruptions to a healthy routine. With a sense of personal awareness and respect, no matter the situation, you'll be able to make the adjustments you need to restore balance in your life. In order to maintain our own personal health wealth, it's up to each of us to check in daily to promote positive forces and counteract negative ones.


Posted on January 25, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.