The 3 Pillars of Wealth (according to BuDhaGirl)

One of my morning rituals is my Wealth ritual. It began almost two years ago when a dear friend gave me my golden Buddha snow globe. I was delighted to receive this very BuDhaGirl gift, really, really loved it…so I placed it on my vanity.

I see it first thing in the morning. I sit quietly and tip the snow globe upside down and watch the gold flecks shimmer and fall on the Buddha’s lap. As the flecks are falling I say this mantra: I want to sit in peace like the Buddha and have health wealth, wisdom wealth and financial wealth. I repeat this mantra as many times as it takes for the gold flecks to stop falling. Simple really.

These three pillars of wealth are what I believe crucial to live our fullest, for when we are replete in these we can give the best of ourselves. We are not worried about how we feel physically (health wealth), we use our acquired knowledge and our instinct to seek enlightenment (wisdom wealth), and of course we want to lead a comfortable life, enjoying the fruit of our labor (financial wealth). It is not a walk in the park to achieve wealth completely all the time, much less all three types of wealth all the time. However that is what life is all about.

We must take care of our bodies so our spirits can flourish, and we must be grateful everyday that we are not struck down physically by accident or disease. We are sentient, conscious beings that are able to learn and wonder about the mysteries of everyday life, this curiosity enhanced by reflection and study will lead us to obtain wisdom. And last but not least, financial wealth that is arrived at mostly through hard work. Yes there are those belonging to the lucky sperm club (as my husband Bill calls those who inherit wealth) and even in inherited wealth there needs to be the ability to not squander and lose everything.

So, I wish each one of you health wealth, wisdom wealth and financial wealth. May you sit in peace as the Buddha does.



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