BuDhaGirl Gives Back

One of the biggest ways people make a impact on the world is through their wallet. From impulse buys to big investments, every time you spend your money, you're making a choice and causing a ripple effect that goes far beyond the purchasing of a single item. 

The purchasing of accessories follows suit. When customers buy BuDhaGirl and participate in the world of Mindful Glamour, they know they can trust our company and our production methods. Beyond this, our customers also know that their purchase will create a larger positive effect on the world.

One of our favorite parts of our job here at BuDhaGirl is giving back to incredible organizations all over the world. In creating and selling our jewelry, we try to do our part to help persuade hearts and change mindsets, but there is always much, much more work to be done to make the world a more mindful place.

To date, BuDhaGirl has given back to more than 14 organizations worldwide. While they all have different goals, there are common themes of wellness, community, kindness and mindfulness. A few of these organizations include Global Wellness Institute, Wellness for Cancer, AltaMed, SPCA, and the Grammy Foundation. Last fall, we even created a custom All Weather Bangle for the Global Wellness Summit in Tyrol, Austria.

Do you consider the ripple effect of your purchases big and small? A few things to ask yourself are: how are these products made, are these products a source of waste, and where is the money going? If you give back to organizations directly, tell us some of your favorites in the comments below!