BuDhaGirl's 10 Health Commandments

To be beautiful inside and out, one must be healthy inside and out. Simple, yes, but easier said than done. Health is essential to true beauty, but we'll be the first to admit that the concept of "health" can seem quite overwhelming when considered as a whole. Mental health, physical health and emotional health are just a few of the parts that come together to create a complete image of health - but how do you attain these individual parts? If you don't know where to start, consider BuDhaGirl's 10 health commandments - these are simple, effective, dependable practices that will improve all aspects of your health with regular use. Side-effects can include healthy insides, beautiful outsides, long-lasting smiles and permanent gratitude. 


1. Meditate Everyday: Allow yourself the time to relax, to calm the body, to calm the brain, to be mindful and to focus on your daily intentions. Need a quick, guided meditation?

2. Drink Red Wine: Could a glass a day keep the doctor away? Red wine can lower cholesterol, protect your heart, control blood sugar and so much more. Cheers!

3. Coconut Oil: Slather it on dry skin, cook with it, or add a spoonful to your morning coffee. Coconut Oil boosts immunity, fights inflammation, balances hormones and supports the digestive system.

4. Drink a lot of water: Ahh water, the great purifier. Hydration is the key to a beautiful exterior and interior. After all, what banishes wrinkles and fights a nasty cold faster than water?

5. Exercise with a smile: Sounds crazy, but if you're not exercising with passion, with joy, with intention, and with self-love, then what is the point of doing it at all?


6. Journal religiously: Journal when you wake up, journal before you go to sleep, journal if you're having an exceptionally good day or an exceptionally bad day. Getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper can help resolve a worrisome situation and give thanks for a wonderful one.

7. Adopt a pet: It's amazing how an animal can inspire a human to recover their physical, emotional and mental health.

8. Schedule personal time: It's not selfish, it's necessary for you, for your health and for those around you.

9. Travel somewhere new three times a year: Breathe fresh air, expand your mind, and challenge yourself physically. Your travels don't have to take you across the world, they could take you to a hiking trial a few hours away from your home and that's enough.


10. Plant something: Plant a seed, plant an idea. Get your hands dirty. Nurture the seedling. Watch it grow. Allow the beauty of the result to feed you physically, mentally and emotionally. Give thanks for the journey.


Posted on September 20, 2017 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.