A Goal Without A Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Expeiry

Leave it to the Little Prince to express such a powerfully true statement.

Our daily inner lives (thoughts) (conversations), are full of wishes…we are full of possibilities. These possibilities however are very much a struggle between good and not so good (bad).

If we are able to quiet our thoughts and conversations, can we discern what we truly wish for?

And once we identify our wish, can we understand that at first a wish is something like hope? You hope that X will take place. But what if we now come to understand that hope is something outside of ourselves, and that if we want our wish to come true, we need a plan.

A plan, a road map, a guide, and some motivating fuel.

Many people have an overdeveloped wishing muscle, expecting that if the universe wants them to accomplish their goal, a path will be laid out for them and all the accoutrements for the journey provided. Wrong. The universe will give you opportunities, but you must be open to seize them, and you must execute actions each and every day to obtain your goal.

So…take a moment to map it out, step by step, and do a happy dance at each completed step.