2017 in Review

This year on the blog, we tackled core themes including wealth, impact, beauty and being. These are 20 of our favorite blogs on topics that we enjoyed pondering, researching and writing - but we'd love to hear from you, too. What posts on the BuDhaBlog did you most enjoy reading? What would you like to read more of next year? Tell us in the comments below!



3 Pillars of Wealth (According to BuDhaGirl): When you obtain these three pillars of wealth, you can live life to its fullest and give the best of yourself.

The Buddha on Wealth: "To live a pure, unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance."

Living an Inspired Life: Sallie Fraenkel : Sallie Fraenkel is a truly innovative, creative BuDhaGirl. Sallie, founder of the Mind Body Spirit Network, tells us the destinations on her list, her favorite words of wisdom, and more.

The Wealth of Wisdom by Dr. Rosa Rivas: BuDhaGirl Scientific Advisory Board member, Dr. Rosa RIvas, shares her thoughts on the meaning of wisdom wealth.

The Wisest Thing You've Ever Been Told: Every person you meet not only has a unique arsenal of wisdom. The BDG Team tells us their favorite wise quote.



I Am Going to Change: The impact of change leaves its marks upon us as we journey through life. Many times, these marks are uncomfortable and painful - leading us to begin fearing change.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual Self: We are a trinity. We exist in three dimensions that we hardly understand.

You Matter: It is said that nothing is random. No action is without a reaction. Even the flutter of a Monarch Butterfly's wing causes something else to happen.

BuDhaGirl Gives Back: From impulse buys to big investments, every time you spend you're money, you're making a choice that cases a ripple effect that goes far beyond that single item.

The Lasting Impact of Legacy: Legacy is often defined as a physical thing - money or property - but it can also be esoteric.



Recipe for Inner Beauty: When we think of inner beauty, we go towards spirit, a dimension that truly can't be seen yet manifests itself when we are in a state of grace.

When Outer Beauty Inspires Inner Beauty: We agree that beauty radiates from the inside out... but can outer beauty inspire essential qualities of inner beauty as well? 

Setting Beauty Intentions: Try incorporating some of these core elements of inner beauty into your morning ritual in order to see your own beauty and that of others.

Maintaining Beauty: I don't think maintaining beauty is particularly easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. Being attuned to creating beauty in everything you do makes you present.

Declutter, For Your Health: As the new season rolls around, take this time to clean up, clean out and simplify your existence from the inside out.



Being It: "To be, or not to be: that is the question." 

Global Wellness Summit Recap: Part I, Part II, Part III

How to Just Be: When we are born, we become. But what happens after that? How do we get off track from being just to be?

Living an Inspired Life: Ùna Burke : This summer, Jessica fell in love with the creative force of award winning designer, Ùna Burke. Ùna takes her leather designs to a whole new dimension.

Being It 100% : To accomplish 100% in anything is a feat. To be present 100% is a divine feat.